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The "Unity Gain Series" is a collection of six poetry/video/art pieces created between March 1981 and October 1986. The following pieces are excerpts from the series


ORBIT, October 1986: Poetry, dance, computer animation, and digital video effects are used to juxtapose constructive possibilities within destructive tendencies.
AHLUVYALIKE, February 1983: A poetic dramatization of certain emotional spaces, manifested by intense love relationships. This clip is a 53 second excerpt of a 5 minute 27 second piece.
BETWEEN DOTS, March 1981: An abstract dance around unity and duality.

I was playing with the idea of taking the visual branch of the concrete poetry movement further by stripping the poem of its words and letters and not just of its syntax. The concrete poet's aim is to work outside the syntax and grammar of language and deal instead either with the individual word or with words not related to grammar. The assumption is that syntax merely communicates a "public" view of the world, and the aim is to achieve a "private" view of things.
"Between Dots" takes it one step further by using abstract symbols, thus allowing interpretation to be as private and personal as possible.

PAS DE CHAT was recorded in February, 1988, and is a work in progress.

Wendy Sinnott sang the lead vocals on the track. Jan Heyn-Cubacub choreographed the dance sequences, and all the shooting has been done. I certainly hope to finish it by the turn of the century.

ON POETRY VIDEO: Some background.

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