Poetry and lyrics from the "Unity Gain Series," a collection of poetry/video/art pieces created between March 1981 and October, 1986.

A short story and poem about Dave Cargill, a flying buddy.


IN PIECING A SUN - a fantasy in verses and illustrations:
Published in 1976.


ORBIT was written on January 12, 1980 at about 2am. Another insomniac's night with a dripping faucet and clanging radiator keeping me up, as well as supplying the tempo for the poem. It seemed like I was writing it to a soundtrack along with some abstract nocturnal imagery.

When I started reciting this poem at poetry readings, it always conjured up the sound along with the visuals somewhere inside me. As a result, I got more animated every time I recited it, but I was never really sure if the audience's acceptance and response was because it was all getting through, or because I just looked like some possessed spastic up on stage.

Sometime later, I recorded this track, Jan Heyn-Cubacub choreographed to the recording, and we made a poetry/dance/video/art piece of it, making it part of the "Unity Gain Series." Dancer Denise McIntosh joined us for the taping.

The piece has done rather well since then, winning awards in eleven festivals, including the Chicago International Film Festival, the 12th Poetry Film Festival, the Dance on Camera Festival, and the American International Video and Film Festival.

Those dripping faucets and clanging radiators...!

The next two poems are part of "La Ci Darem La Mano," which is part of the "Unity Gain Series." The melody was whistled by Maria Sorrentino.

REPULSIVE, 11/16/79, recorded in 1984. About the humorous, absurd, and extreme situations that can be manifested by simply not knowing the reasons behind certain behavior..
HE KEEPS A CONSTANT, 11/27/79, recorded in 1984.

NOVOCAIN, 11/09/79, recorded in 1984. Written after a visit to the dentist. A comment on the possible effects of anesthetics.

ON POETRY VIDEO: Some background.

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