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I built this level for fun back in ’95 and it ended up being included in the Doom 32 collection. I believe it was the 7th level in that release. Not sure how accessible it is now but I decided to leave it up just in case any of you still Doom.  


Man the Mandala

A mandala is an eastern painting or art piece, usually circular in motif with a central point of origin. It is used as a cognitive centering device for meditation. The idea is to immerse yourself in the art work, which in the process would bring you to a space where you can overcome your "demons," so to speak, and come to some resolution.

When I first saw Doom, I knew it would be a perfect place to put a Mandala in... demons, resolution to higher levels, and immersion....

"Man the Mandala" is my first attempt at playing with this concept. I use some eastern symbolism interspersed with some very western ones, which may or may not be obvious. At any rate, it certainly is a lot more fun and immediate than sitting in a lotus position, following your breath to point on a painting on a wall...which can be fulfilling, but is certainly a hell of a lot more work and not necessarily fun!

Download a Doom II version of "Man the Mandala".

Download a Doom I version of "Man the Mandala".

Installation and use:

Note: The wad files are in a .ZIP archive file. It maybe UnZipped using an appropriate utility program, that can be obtained from many locations, like this one for WinZip.

UnZip the files into your Doom or Doom II directory. Of course, you need to already have a copy of Doom or Doom II installed, since these wads use the Doom game engine, textures and creatures, then run the game adding (-file name.wad) to your command line.

Example: doom2 -file arturo.wad

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